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Mirye Software :: Special Vendor Categories :: Meshbox :: Master Packs :: River Town Master Pack - Volume 1

River Town Master Pack - Volume 1
River Town Master Pack - Volume 1 

The River Town Master Pack 1

Drift down a lazy river to the village literally on the water - River Town! This celtic fantasy village is built directly over a lazy river, though the villagers are not beyond co-opting a decaying ruined bridge and charging tolls.

The Rivertown Volume 1 Master Pack includes both The Rivertown Volume 1 Model Set - a complete set of 8 3D models, and Music from Rivertown Volume 1 - a collection of eight indie version soundtracks you can use royalty free in most projects under the liberal Indie License.

The River Town Volume 1 Model Set

River Town Volume 1 is a unique semi-historical, fantasy series based on Celtic architecture, with a unique twist: a culture of people that live primarily in floating villages on rivers and lakes. The River Folk build homes, then lash them together with interlinked docks and floating wooden bridges, allowing new cities of grow along the banks of rivers and lakes. Many models in the series are based on actual celtic artifacts, so many portions are usable in historical presentations of celtic culture.

About River Fortress

The River Folk live almost entirely on the river, in their floating houses and shops - but even the River Folk realize that at times, its important to be able to flee to the land - which is why the river fortress is always nearby. This complex includes a complete palisade wall, a well house, many utility huts, plus a main security and storage building, where chests of goods, shields, swords and spears are available for ready warfare. This flexible set is based on celtic architecture, making it appealing for historical value, or in a fantasy setting.

Includes props: chest, gate, hut, ladder, main lodge, main lodge demo, palisade, empty rack, river fortress, river fortress demo, shield rack demo, spear, spear rack demo, sword, sword rack demo, well.

  • 3DS format model + 18 bump and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Version
  • Vue VOB object version

About River Dock and Merchantile Checkpoint

The River Dock is a combination of protective wall and mercantile check point for goods passing through the communities of the River Folk. The River Dock includes a small walled guard point, plus dock extensions, including straight, cross road dock, t-road dock and dock ends (with additional pilings). This allows creating docks and boardwalks in almost any configuration. The tower canopy can be used as an in-water dock piece as well.

Includes props: boardwalk end, dock demo, dock, tower base, boardwalk t-section, boardwalk ramp section, boardwalk cross road section, boardwalk straight section, boardwalk end section, gate, ladder, ramp, tower, tower base, tower canopy.

  • 3DS format model + 18 bump and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Version
  • Vue VOB object version

About Small Floating House, River Town

Most River Folk live in small dwellings, built up river where forest wood is plentiful, then moved seasonally. Each house has an extended bridge to the boardwalk, and room around the edges to tie up visiting coracles or other larger vessels. Inside, there are two rooms. One is devoted to a cooking and living area, whereas the back room is where the occupants sleep. The raft and raft bases are also usable as foundations or decking.

Includes props: bed, bench, boiler base, boiler, bridge, carpet, firepit, house, house demo, pan 1, pan 2, plate, raft, raft base, small floating house, small floating house demo, stool, support, table.

  • 3DS format model + 18 bump and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Version
  • Vue VOB object version

About Coracle Maker, River Town

Day to day, most River Folk use small coracles to move around a River Town, keeping the guild of Coracle Makers extremely busy with orders for new coracles and repairs (though most River Folk are able to do simple repairs themselves) This shop on the water includes two rooms - one a simple storage room where the maker's apprentice also happens to sleep, and the other a formal work room. Some small comforts are here, including a stove for not only heating the natural saps and tars used in coracle building, but also for meals of the master and apprentice. Double doors lead to a landing, where new coracles are available for sale.

Includes props: axe, barrel, bed, bound crate, chisel, coracle, partially finished coracle, coracle maker, coracle maker demo, coracle rib, coracle work table, coracle work table base, four section raft, house, house demo, mallet, oven, paddle 1, paddle 2, pail, pan, raft base, washbin

  • 3DS format model + 18 bump and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Version
  • Vue VOB object version

Floating Market, River Town

Most river villages have more than one floating market, some closely interlinked with specific neighborhoods, while others are on the edge - deep in the river - to provide easier access to goods coming from up or down river. This two story building has access gates on the top floor, allowing goods to be hoisted up or down directly from the water. Floating markets are open inside, allowing live goods to remain fresh, in the water and for a fresh breeze to keep the air breathable.

Includes props: axe, barrel, beam, boardwalk, boardwalk base, boiler, bowl, chisel 1, chisel 2, crate, floating market, floating market demo, hammer, pail, pan, raft, stairs, table, washbin

  • 3DS format models + 20 bump and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Version
  • Vue VOB object version

Floating Temple, River Town

Surprisingly, the floating temples of the river folk also provide some protection on the river, as four sides of the temple are fortified with a heavy wall and an elevated floor for using missle weapons. Gates and halls lead from north, south, east and west under the holy triquetra, and into the main hall. There, a raised wooden dais is surrounded by beautiful copper and silver brazier lamps and chairs of the holy elders of the village. A wooden altar is used for ceremonies upon which the village holy cup sees use - a beautiful celtic cup made of copper, silver and gold. The hall is reasonably fortified, with stairs leading up to defenses.

Includes props: altar,altar base, ceremonial chair, ceremonial cup, ceremony demo, floating temple, floating temple base, floating temple demo, entry passage, lamp base, lamp cage, lamp demo, simple dais, triquetra (wooden celtic symbol)

  • 3DS format model + 24 bump and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Version
  • Vue VOB object version

Floating Bar, River Town

The river folk drinking establishments are usually found free of the dock community, or at the end if a neighborhood pier. This two floored building has an open central kitchen/bar, with two levels for patrons served. Outside, each post features a torch so that guests that cannot hear the loud laughter or singing bard can find their way. Steps lead right down to the water.

Includes props: bar, bench, firewood, floating bar, floating bar demo, furnace, house base, raft, spit, spit base, spit demo, plate 1, plate 2, table, torch

  • 3DS format model + 24 bump and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Version
  • Vue VOB object version

Bonus Model: Toll Bridge , River Town

The River Folk are not great workers of stone, but they recognize the value of sites developed by fallen and ancient civilizations. The River Folk Toll Bridge is built on ancient stonework, with new wooden ramps cunningly built, and a complete fortress dominating the middle span. Non-River Folk are offered passage over the bridge, but at a modest payment based on numbersof feet. Two level defensive walls and a modest tower help ensure people pay.

Includes props: bed, bench, bridges demo, broken pillars (4 different kinds), buckler, fortgate, fort demo, lamp, main bridge, main bridge base, martial display (spear/buckler/rack), pillar, plate, rack, sloped bridge, sloped bridge bank connector, sloped bridge connector for main bridge, spear, stone, straight bridge section, straight bridge bank connector, straight bridge connector for main bridge, straight bridge demo, table, toll bridge demo, toll bridge building, toolbridge building demo

  • 3DS format model + 24 bump and texture maps
  • Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Version
  • Vue VOB object version

To install the 3DS version, ensure that the associated texture map is in the same directory as the model. To install the pp2 version, place the product folder in the runtime/library/props/ directory.

Music from the River Town Volume 1

Transform your work with fantasy sound. Suitable as a soundtracks for fantasy or dream-like videos, animations, RPGs, MMORPGs or other games.

Music from River Town has a distinctive, celtic fantasy sound - at times eerie, at times gleeful - a mix of drums, horns with some bagpipes and woodwinds. Not entirely ancient in sound, but a blend of ancient and some more modern instruments such as piano.

The Indie Version includes 192 kbps mp3 files and are licensed for royalty free use in most productions except film, television and DVD. See the Indie License for details. Adobe Acrobat Required.


Listen to a 15 second demonstration of each song. Clicking the link will open a browser window and play using your default mp3 player:

Soundtracks included in this Collection

Item Title Duration
RIV01V101-MP3-192 The River Fortress 1:44
RIV01V102-MP3-192 The River Dock 2:12
RIV01V103-MP3-192 The Floating House 1:44
RIV01V104-MP3-192 The Coracle Maker 1:42
RIV01V105-MP3-192 The River Market 1:59
RIV01V106-MP3-192 The River Temple 2:15
RIV01V107-MP3-192 The River Bar 1:37
RIV01V108-MP3-192 The Toll Bridge 1:56

Previews (15 Seconds) MP3

All previews are 15 seconds and based on the 192 kbps "Indie" version. Click the song in the list to play.

Getting Started with Meshbox Music from River Town Volume 1

To install this file, follow the directions of your music editing software. You can convert MP3 files to other formats using the cross-platform, free editor Audacity.

Components of Music from River Town Volume 1

One 192kbps mp3 file for each track

  • Bitrate: 192 kbps
  • Channels: 2 (Stereo)
  • Audio Sample Rate: 44 kHz

Price: $60.00


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